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At last it's arrived, the latest General Motors GEN 3 LS1/6 engine for you to feast your eyes on. It's got everything a rodder could want and is highly suitable for transplanting into a number of vehicles especially those already fitted with Rover V8 units. The all aluminium, 5.7 litre LS1 will fit into the Triumph TR7/8 engine bay and probably TVR, Marcos and Morgans as well. Its small, lightweight, high-tech, compact design makes it a worthy & vastly superior successor to previous small blocks. The LS1 engine is also the chosen engine for the US specced 2000 Ultima GTR. The standard LS1 engine propels this super-car from a standstill to 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds, 100 mph is delivered in just 8.4 seconds and it rockets it on to 150 mph in just 26.3 seconds! The Corvette LS1 engine measures approximately 25.25" long (Rover V8 is 27.5"), LS1 overall height is 24-25" (Rover V8 is 25.5" plus the carb and air filter or efi plenum, 29-30" or more), LS1 width across the cylinder heads is 20.5" (Rover V8 is 20"). With the T56 6 speed gearbox fitted the LS1 is some 3" shorter than a Rover V8 with a standard 5 speed gearbox. If you wish to purchase a custom hand built, fully blueprinted engine to any specification, race or fast road etc feel free to call or email me. We also overhaul and rebuild standard engines with a few miles on them useing approved GM tooling. Meanwhile enjoy looking at the following pictures.

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LS6 Corvette Engine

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The latest LS6/ZO6 Corvette engine.
Modified versions with standard aluminum blocks are reputed to be making 800 Horsepower with turbochargers and more then 600 Horsepower naturally aspirated! Note the red beauty covers which replace the earlier black covers. This engine has an improved intake manifold and "D" port exhaust ports. The Corvette version has the big-wing sump pan.
LS1 Engine
An "F" body LS1 engine.
Note it doesn't get the vette beauty covers, fly by wire throttle assembly or Corvette big wing sump pan.
LS1 Cylinder Head

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LS1 cylinder head.
The heads feature replicated ports. All the inlets are identical as are all exhaust ports. These heads have a shallow 15 degree valve angle and valve cut-outs in the flat top Mahle pistons aren't needed. Intake valve seat angles are 30 degrees, 45 degrees & 60 degrees. The valves are made from stainless steel with 8mm stems. Intake diameter is 2" and exhaust diameter is 1.55". Exhaust seat angles are 30 degrees, 46 degrees & 60 degrees. The valve guides are sintered iron, impregnated to give high lubrication to the stems. Progressive valve springs are used, there are stem seals and very nice ports. Intake air gets a straight line of sight to the valve.
LS6 Cylinder Head LS6 cylinder head.
The most important feature here is that the exhaust port has now been changed to a higher flowing "D" port.
LS1 Aluminium Block

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LS1 Aluminium engine block.
This has 6 bolt main bearing steel caps, centrifugally cast grey-iron liners, very dense & strong. The knock sensors live in the valley. This is a really strong and light casting. The aluminium casing is some 53 lbs lighter then the older small block cast iron engine casings yet significantly stronger and much more rigid according to GM power train designers / engineers. This is because of modern engineering design practices and improved manufacturing technology. Note the extensive external ribs cast into the casing superstructure, the steel 6 bolt cross-bolted main bearing caps, the blocks extended skirt which now extends below the crankshaft centreline and elsewhere on this page the reinforced aluminium Corvette 'big wing' sump pan which is a structural member. This equates to an extremely rigid block, the benefits include, less vibration and noise, better control of piston/bore tolerances, more reliable power output, increased durability and ultimately increased performance with less emissions. This is a very clean, low emissions and environmentally friendly engine which meets and exceeds all current US/UK legislation including UK SVA tests.
LS1 Piston Set

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LS1 piston & conrod assembly.
Nice flat top Mahle pistons with a thin, low tension ring-pack mounted high up the pistons for enhanced performance and low friction. The rods are sintered forged steel using "powdered metal" technology. This makes them all very similar in weight and maintains close tolerances. To make them a mould is filled with steel powder which is compressed to extremely high pressures. This heats the metal almost to melting point. The molecules bind together and then the rod is forged. The rod is shotpeened as standard and is so close on tolerance that it doesn't need any additional balancing on production engines. The big-ends are then weakened by having a slot machined across the journal width and the rod is then fractured along this line leaving a jagged and very precise locating surface for the cap to rod. There are performance cap screws fitted into these rods. These are the strongest con-rods designed and manufactured by GM for the small-block 5.7 engine.
LS1 Crankshaft

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LS1 crankshaft.
Manufactured from 'tough' SG Nodular iron. Note the rolled fillets for extra strength on the journal and also the lightening holes in the journals. A trigger wheel is now part of the crank and mounts internally at the rear of the crank casting. The thrust bearing is mounted centrally.
16 Roller Rockers Roller rockers and shafts.
These have a 1.7:1 ratio but more is available, 1.8:1 for the ZO6 LS6, LS2 etc and 2.0:1 aftermarket rockers are available for really high performance engines. We have limited stock of Yella Terra 1.8 rockers.
LS1 Intake Manifold Composite LS1 intake assembly.
This has the cable operated throttle body as opposed to the "fly by wire" Corvette item. We have a custom, cast aluminium, very user friendly and adaptable single/twin throttle plenum under development. A carbed version will follow shortly!
Big Wing Oil Sump

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Corvette low profile 'big wing' aluminium sump pan.