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Services LS1/2/3/6/7/9/427 Darton/Turbo/Stroker etc.


click here for more information about Darton Sleeves

LS1/2/3/6/7 & 9 etc. Typical labour prices for stock engine work.

Total strip down. PRICE: £360

Stock long engine assembly, including gaskets & seals etc. PRICE: £700

Remove and refit intake manifold, cylinder heads and valvetrain. PRICE: £560

Remove and refit crank damper, timing cover, oilpump and timing chainset. PRICE: £325

Remove and refit sump and windage tray. PRICE: £150

Camshaft swop from: PRICE: £500

LS1/2/3/6/7/9 or Stroker conversion. etc. Custom built engine, blueprinted and assembled with hand balanced internal parts (see the blueprinting page).

We install forged pistons and rings etc specific to your build ie they definately won't be 'off the shelf' items. You get a custom cam package, ARP studs, a double roller timing chainset and gears, high lift rockers plus other performance parts which may be chosen by you. You can pick your performance head and valve package as well. All the internal parts and clutch assembly etc are hand and dynamically balanced in the UK prior to assembly. We are happy to build an engine using parts supplied by yourself. So you can save money with this option especially if you have a donor engine.

LABOUR PRICE: Depends on specification but typically 1'200 and there's no vat.

Monaro C4B head.
Rotating bottom end with stud kit.
Trick bits.
LSx custom forged pistons.

LS1 onwards, any LSX based engine. TWIN TURBO/SUPERCHARGED = HUGE TORQUE!

Custom built & blueprinted as above. Custom designed cast iron turbo exhaust manifolds (if going turbo), forged low compression pistons to suit your compression and performance requirements, billet steel or titanium con-rods (if required). Performance head gaskets, blueprinted-detailed new engine and build-up from scratch. All custom components tailor designed to suit your engine bay and personal requirements. Can be supplied with/without engine management system. Custom intake manifold designed and manufactured to suit installation. Custom fabrication and mounting bracketry undertaken.


Turbo engine on dyno.
Turbo engine front.
427 Ci engine on test rig.
Turbo manifolds and wastegates.



LS7 Hybrid 427/7.0 litre/454/Turbo/Supercharged etc.

This is based around the massively strong Darton MID (modular integral sleeve) block assembly which many believe is superior to the famous C5 block (see the Darton link at top of page). The Darton LSX block uses thick, immensely strong yet ductile, removable wet liners with patented cooling features at the top of the bore just under the cylinder head, right where the cylinder is hottest. Coolant can also circulate across the block via drillings in between the cylinders, thus stabilising temperatures around the bores. Darton liners have been designed and proven for reliability in ultra high horsepower applications including nitrous or turbo applications (some using 45 lbs of boost), top fuel dragster and tractor racing where cylinder pressures are extreme and detonation is never far away. Unlike the LS7 block a damaged Darton liner could easily be replaced.

The LS7 block with it's thinner liners could easily be a write off! This is a full on 'true' hand build using GM hand tooling and digital equipment to any final build specification. This engine will never see an air wrench. As standard we include the top of the range Callies Magnum crankshaft which we have hand fettled to our specification. We include special order, custom made billet titanium rods (not the inferior LS7 forged items). Our rods weigh appx 500 grams and have a full width little end as opposed to the tapered/wedged LS7 rod end. We'd never use the thin crowned, weak LS7 cast aluminium pistons and instead, provide quality forged items featuring additional dry skirt low friction treatments and ceramic coated crowns. They are tailor made to match the donor block we work with. We include file fit Total Seal gapless rings. Our crank & rod bearings are coated with a dry film lubricant for reduced friction when running and minimal wear when cranking the engine. LS7 heads with titanium valves are included (we like those) or we could supply aftermarket parts.

Our custom LS7 'short runner' intake manifold is included, single or twin plenum with your choice of throttle/s assembly. Our plenum accepts twin copper chargecoolers as well as water injection. The plenum can also be modified to accept a supercharger. In LS6 trim the plenum was flow tested in the US by Race Engine Development and outflowed a ported FAST .

We can supply and fit dry sump equipment for this engine build. Please take the time to read the Darton Link, this product is impressive.

PRICE: From £18'000 or £16'000 with stock plenum and throttle.

427 Ci Atmo pistons in Darton block.
427 Ci Turbo pistons in Darton block.
Callies Magnum APO Crank.
Billet titanium rod and atmo piston.
Copper Charge cooler cores.
Plenum before powder coating.
Stroker turbo Engine.
Custom Crank & rods.

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