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Rover V8 5.0 to 5.5 Litre Stroker Crankshaft

We have over 20 years of experience with these engines but this is our favourite normally aspirated conversion. The crankshaft we developed can be machined to fit any Rover cylinder block, early or late but is specifically designed for the cross-bolted engines. This crankshaft is cross-drilled for enhanced lubrication to the rod bearing shells. It also has the 'long-nose' (can be shortened) found on the later engines fitted with the high volume G-rotor oil pump and serpentine front cover assembly. It features additional counterweights opposite rods numbered 4 & 5 to allow more precise balancing for higher rpms. The counterweights themselves have reduced diameter to clear the piston skirts on the down stroke. We modified our crankshafts to accept Chevrolet con rods and they can be bought from the USA quite cheaply. If your 3.9 litre and upwards engine which has the 94/96 mm bore size is tired or worn then this conversion may be suitable for you.

For turbocharged use and fitted with low compression Buick 300 cylinder heads this conversion could produce in excess of 550 lbs/ft of torque from 2500 rpm whilst keeping within sensible rpm limits and retaining the stock factory hydraulic lifters and valvetrain! Or we could build a low compression turbo engine using our own design of forged pistons and your existing cylinder heads to achieve similar goals.

Unmachined fully Counter-balanced crankshaft, 80-90 mm stroke options.

PRICE: £ 400

A commonly available stroke is 82mm and from this we can build 4.5l to almost 4.8 using crossbolted blocks and late journal crankshafts. This keeps costs down and allows a reasonable compression ratio to be used, enquire.


Turbo or Supercharged - Forced Induction Package.

Any compression possible depending on how much power you want. Dynamically re-balanced crankshaft/rotating assembly & blueprinted internals included as a part of this package. We cater for 3.9, 4.0, 4.5, 4.6, 5.0 litre and larger engines including all TVR variants. Turbo or supercharged short engines rebuilt for strength and durability using your block and crankshaft and our forged ultra strong, low compression pistons. We discard the weak cast Rover pistons as they are unsuitable for high cylinder pressures and are prone to cracking. Our replacement pistons feature forced pin oilers, ceramic heat treatments on the crowns, deeper valve cut outs, low friction anti-scuff side skirt coatings, gas accumulator grooves, reinforced ring lands and taper wall high strength gudgeon pins plus a top quality 'file to fit' Total Seal gapless piston ring set. We install top quality heavy duty bearing shells for the con-rods and main bearings and include an ARP stud kit to hold the bottom end together.

PRICE: £3,700

Long Turbo engines available.

Various specifications and options available to suit your requirements, including custom manufactured forged steel con-rods. Custom inlet manifolds, fabricated aluminium chargecoolers and cast iron exhaust headers. We can also fabricate steel tubuler headers. AJP's considered to.


Hot News! Coming soon, a TVR V8 single turbo conversion for appx 2000 (mapping not included). There will be several turbo options, tailored to suit engine capacity and performance requirements. The turbo and custom manifold will replace the exhaust 'Y' piece and development is nearly concluded. We can also offer a TT conversion as a viable and cheaper alternative to installing a Chevrolet engine. You also get to keep your gearbox and ancilliary parts thus saving money.

Rover V8 & LS1 Engine Blocks for Comparison.

Rover V8 Tall port Turbo Manifold MK2.

Mk2 Twin Turbo Manifolds, new tall port design for ported heads ie: TVR or Buick 300 cylinder heads. These manifolds feature bigger taller ports for increased exhaust flow and are adaptable for different turbo's and engine bays. A TVR conversion will be coming shortly. One manifold can be purchased for a single turbo conversion. Price per pair.

PRICE: £430