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Products > Ford Zetec 1800/2000 Turbo.

Turbocharged Westfield Zetec - 1800cc.

At Boost Performance we also build fully blueprinted and detailed Zetec 1800 - 2000 turbo short engine units. The compression ratio is lowered to 8:1 (we can go lower) using our own design of forged pistons. These feature deep bowls for turbo use as well as high strength top ring lands. We maximise squish effect by altering the piston compression height and we deepen the valve cut-outs to suit different valve/cam arrangements. We can convert the conrods to accept a bushed little end which enables fully floating piston retention by way of circlips and we can fit lighter, taper walled gudgeon pins.

We have an aftermarket 'moly' inlaid piston ring package which allows a very free revving engine once bedded in properly, especially under boosted conditions. For sustained boost pressures we may choose to use our tougher ductile iron rings! One of our early fully blueprinted engines was fitted into a Westfield car and the vehicle was nothing short of breathtaking using ONLY 5 lbs BOOST PRESSURE. Higher pressures could easily have been used but the car would have probably been undrivable unless driven by an experienced driver! Another race engine has been running at up to 25 psi for a full racing season and is still going strong!

Our new design of durable cast iron turbo exhaust manifolds are being used on zetecs running much higher boost pressures, some producing almost 400 HP with more to come.

Heavy duty turbo manifold, Zetec & ST170.

We have recently developed our Mk 2 cast iron turbo exhaust manifold which allows a turbocharger to be installed either above or below the manifold. Our manifold can accept a number of alternative turbochargers which makes it very adaptable. It features larger exhaust ports which allows fitment to fully ported cylinder heads for greater exhaust flow. If not in stock these manifolds take appx 4 weeks to manufacture.
Forged Turbo pistons.

1800cc short engine, custom tailor designed forged pistons & ring pack, strong lightweight taper wall gudgeon pins etc, individually weighed and hand balanced internals, fully blue-printed, dynamically balanced, detailed and de-burred.

PRICE: £1,650
Customer's car.

Single or twin turbo cast iron exhaust manifold. May also fit the Fiesta RST engine bay.

PRICE: £270 FWD or RWD

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